Flashback – Freud Booth

I try to post old photos from around our store, and I know I’ve posted some from our annual sale. Here’s another one, of the Freud booth. We’re not positive what year it was…maybe in the 1990’s? You’ve gotta love those […] Read More

Flashback – Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips from The American Woodshop came by the store in 2002 to sign autographs. Here’s a photo he signed to my Grandpa Louie, telling him to keep my dad, Dean, out of trouble! He also came in to our […] Read More

Career Launch: Construction Trades Program

The trades are very important to us, and not just because we supply tools of the trades. So we were excited to be able to put together some graduation tool kits for 41 local high school students who attend Plantation […] Read More