Milwaukee has announced the release of several new and exciting products that will keep the lithium ion technology train rolling.

First up is a Red Lithium 9.0 amp hour high demand battery that will deliver up to 5 times more run time & 35% more power. It also runs 60% cooler than standard lithium ion packs. It is best optimized for high draw products and sustained run time applications. With this technology, it gets Milwaukee one step closer from getting away from corded tools, which is a great segway into Milwaukee’s next announcement…a fully-featured SDS Max Rotary Hammer with a brushless motor, that works off of this battery platform.

Can you imagine drilling holes all day without a cord attached to the tool? We’ll, now it’s a reality.

With the addition of the 9.0 amp hour battery, this rotary hammer will perform most applications with ease, and the battery life is simply incredible.

Down the road, Milwaukee promises many more additions to their M18 Fuel brushless line that will allow you to go cordless.

Stay tuned for loads more to come!

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