Tips and Tricks – Choosing the Tool for Drilling into Concrete



When drilling into concrete, you always want to use a carbide tipped drill bit.

But how do you choose the right tool to buy to do the job?

The biggest factor has to do with the size of the holes you need to drill and the amount of holes needed.

A homeowner can usually get by with a 1/2″ hammer drill (we suggest the Bosch 1191VSRK) for most home concrete applications.

For a contractor, it’s a totally different story. The majority of holes drilled are for setting anchors, and the hole sizes are usually less than a 1/2″. In these applications, an SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (we suggest theĀ Bosch 11255VSR) is the proper tool due to its speed and light weight.

When you get into situations where you need to drill larger holes, say in the 1″ to 1-1/2″ range, a larger SDS-Max combination hammer (we suggest the Bosch RH540M) is what’s needed. Not only do these tools drill effortlessly, they can also be used to chip up concrete and offer an array of bits to make this tool incredibly versatile on a jobsite.

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  1. Walter Langely

    I began a small home renovation project remaining week in my basement. However, it got a lot more complex after I found out that I needed to drill via concrete. Thanks for explaining these fundamental ideas. Even just understanding what equipment to use for this activity makes a significant distinction. Thanks for the info!

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