18V Power with 12V Handling – Introducing Makita’s NEW Sub-Compact Cordless Tools

Makita LXT Sub-Compact

What if we told you that there was a line of 18V tools available that are more compact than 12V tools?

As more and more applications demand smaller tools, and users demand lighter tools, Makita came in strong with the launch of a new 18V line known as “Sub-Compact,” introducing the most compact, lightest weight 18v drill and impact driver on the market.

Though most workers prefer the size and weight of a 12V tool for most jobs, sometimes you have no choice but to pull out an 18V tool when the job requires more torque and run time. This often means having multiple platforms, which ultimately means you’re going to have more batteries and chargers to carry around.

With the launch of the Sub-Compact line, Makita combined the power of 18V with 12V handling.

Did we mention these tools are also brushless? (Brushless motors will provide longer lifespan, will be low maintenance and will perform at a higher efficiency.)

The drill driver (XFD11ZB), weighing in at 2.8lbs with a 2.0ah battery, includes a variable speed 2 speed transmission (0-500 & 0-1,700 RPM). Here it is next to Dewalt’s and Milwaukee’s 12V and 18V drills.

Makita Sub-Compact Comparison

The impact driver (XDT15ZB), weighing in at only 2.6lbs with a 2.0ah battery, will not only feature a variable 2 speed transmission (0-1,300/0-3000RPM & 0-1,600/0-3,900 IPM) but also an assist mode, which will help eliminate screw cam out and cross threading.

Could this mean the end of 12V tools? Though there’s currently no news of more releases under the Sub-Compact line, we have every reason to believe this is only the beginning!

The Sub-Compact drill and impact are available now as a Combo Kit (CX200RB) for $229, which will include both tools, two batteries, a charger and a soft contractor bag, or as bare tools for $119 each. The bare tools are fully compatible with Makita’s 18V batteries.

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