There are many options when buying a laser…Just ask Dr. Evil! (Any Austin Powers fans out there?)

Though we don’t recommend using sharks with lasers on your jobsite like Dr. Evil, we do recommend checking out the latest and greatest in laser technology: The Green Line Laser.

Sure, the green lasers are a lot easier to look at, but why do they cost more than the red lasers?


Well, it’s simple: Green diodes are more expensive, causing the price to surge 20-30% compared to red line lasers…But do the benefits outweigh the cost difference?

Here are the two major benefits of owning a green line laser:

1. Green lines are four times more detectable than red lines.

2. Green line lasers can be seen at a much longer distance with the naked eye, without having to use a detector.  So what does this mean for you? Not having to use a detector can be beneficial because you won’t need a second body to help mark your lines.

Though these benefits are huge, green is not for everyone.

The cons?

Green light is easily dissipated in daylight. Be careful when choosing your green light laser, as some will have outdoor functions, but others will be nearly impossible to see indoors.

So red or green? Your choice…they’re both here to stay!

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