This year, no manufacturer has come out with as many new tools as Milwaukee. As they continue to come out with new, innovative products, Milwaukee has another winning line up their sleeves, with the launch of their new measuring wheels.

Measuring Wheels

This was an interesting launch for Milwaukee, as it’s not a category we’ve seen many power tool companies focus on. So why did Milwaukee decide to get into the measuring wheel business?


When Milwaukee launched their tripod light, I was amazed at how it was engineered to fold up the way it does. This same concept was incorporated into these wheels, as they fold to 1/3″ their size for easy storage.

Measuring Wheels

These wheels have reinforced aluminum frames and the folding points Measuring Wheelsallow this to be the most durable, heavy duty wheel on the market, which is obviously important on the jobsite. To prove this point, if you drop 12 lbs of weight from four feet in the air on the frame of any of these wheels while they’re leaning up against an object, Milwaukee claims they will hold up (though we haven’t tested this for ourselves). This can’t be said for its competitor’s wheels.

Most importantly, unlike its competitors wheels who hold an accuracy of up to .75%, Milwaukee’s hold a best in class accuracy spec of .25%.

When you hear Milwaukee is coming out with the most durable, most accurate and most compact measuring wheel on the market, you probably imagine it will also be the most expensive.

So here’s the best part..These are not priced any higher than their competitor’s top models, holding price tags of $49.99 for the 6″ wheel, and $69.99 for both the 12″ standard wheel and 12″ engineers wheel.

So when you’re in the market for a measuring wheel, be sure to check out Milwaukee’s lineup of wheels for a wheel that is NBHD (NOTHING BUT HEAVY DUTY)!

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