Beats. Bose. Milwaukee?! – The Industry’s Loudest, Clearest Sound System

Over time, we’ve seen a huge transformation when it comes to jobsite music. We went from radios to CD players, and now bluetooth speakers.

Since I’m always around tools, I’ve always wanted a jobsite radio. But I sell tools during the day and I produce house music at night, so I’m extremely picky about my sound systems.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing. Most of the jobsite radios/speakers on 2891-20the market produce great sound for the average consumer…But then there are some guys (like me) that demand that higher-quality sound that no jobsite radio has been able to provide in my opinion…Until now.

Introducing Milwaukee’s new 2891-20 Wireless Jobsite Speaker, featuring a 60 2891-20-5watt duel channel amplifier. This allows the sound to reach 111 decibels, which is higher than all of its competitors’. To some, the louder the better. I mean, how are you going to hear your music over your reciprocating saw? But louder is only better if it’s not distorted, and most of the jobsite radios I’ve tried have had way too much distortion…But not this one.

I wanted to really test this thing out, bass and all. So I brought it out back, turned the volume all the way up and threw on some Tupac. The first thing I noticed was just how much bass it produced. And then, the King of Hip-Hop (I hope I don’t offend any Biggie fans) came on and as the heavy bass hit, his lyrics came out crystal clear.

I have NEVER heard a jobsite speaker produce sound like this one. In fact, Milwaukee’s new speaker has a total harmonic distortion at its max volume of only 16%. Beats Electronics has been rated at 48%, and Bose Corporation at 51%. (Just so you know, the lower the percentage, the better.)

Stop. Rewind. Let’s go back to that…

Milwaukee has LESS distortion than Beats and Bose at its maximum volume. Let that sink in for a second. THIS IS THE INDUSTRY’S LOUDEST AND CLEAREST PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER.

It’s small and compact, weighing just under 6 lbs., and its hexagonal 2891-20-1shape allows for two speakers pointed downward, three directed toward you and one pointed upwards, which truly lets the music blare all around you.

It’s also impact resistant so it can withstand some of the toughest falls on the jobsite and it’s IP54 rating will help protect the speaker from dust and water.


Milwaukee has stuck with two total tool systems, M12 and M18, so that a 2891-20_6user doesn’t need multiple batteries to operate multiple tool platforms. By sticking with their strategy of keeping things simple for their users, they’ve engineered this speaker to accept either M12 or M18 batteries…And if you don’t have Milwaukee batteries but love this speaker, don’t worry…it comes with an AC adapter!

The last thing I want to touch on is that you can be up to 100 ft. away and 2891-20-3still have clear sound, and when your phone is dying because you’ve been jamming all day, there’s a USB adapter so you can charge your phone.

You can pre-order it HEAR (pun intended!) for $149. It will be launching in January, 2017.

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