I love my weekends. Sleeping in, playing golf, watching football, drinking beer…

But every few weeks, my weekend fun takes a halt when my girlfriend interrupts my couch time by screaming, “go mow the lawn!”

I’m not a fan of mowing the lawn at all. Twenty-five percent of the time, my lawn mower doesn’t start up because I’m either terrible at maintaining it or I just bought the world’s worst lawn mower. I also hate the fumes my equipment puts out and I can never hear my music because of the noisiness.

Recently, I went out and purchased a cordless lawn mower, string trimmer and blower (made by a household brand) to try to make this chore more fun. I was amazed, as all of the things I hated about doing my lawn work were no longer issues.

Since the equipment wasn’t powered by gas, I didn’t feel like I was choking the whole time. I was also surprised at how quiet they all were. I could have done my lawn at 6 a.m. without waking my neighbors up…and there’s absolutely no maintenance, besides charging the batteries!

But then I found a new issue. The batteries just didn’t last. (My kits included 20V, 1.2 AH batteries and 40V, 4.0 AH batteries.) I thought to myself, “These are amazing, but the battery technology just isn’t there yet.”

Until now.

OPE_Family_Med Res

Milwaukee‘s ever-growing M18 family is getting a whole lot bigger, as they’ve announced their entry into the outdoor power equipment category with the release of the FUEL Brushless String Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer and Blower, all coming out in January 2017 (but you can pre-order now).

What makes this equipment better than the equipment that I JUST bought? The kits are equipped with their 9.0AH batteries (which offer five times more run-time and 35% more power than Milwaukee’s highest amp hour battery).

Now, let’s break these bad boys down one by one.

M18 FUEL Brushless String Trimmer:

Milwaukee 2725-21
Milwaukee 2725-21

Though I haven’t been able to get my hands on these to try, Milwaukee 2725-20-2 - Copyclaims this string trimmer has “unmatched power” as its brushless motor allows for the drive shaft to spin at 5800 RPMS (see this post to learn why  brushless is better). The trimmer has a variable-speed trigger and a 14″-16″ cut capacity, while its cordless competitors (Dewalt, Makita and Stihl) have only a 13″-15″ cut capacity.

Speaking of competition, with a 9.0 battery, this trimmer should run for about 45 minutes, while its cordless competitors will only run for about 20-30 minutes.

This is the longest-lasting, most powerful cordless string trimmer on the market.

M18 FUEL Brushless Hedge Trimmer

Milwaukee 2726-21HD
Milwaukee 2726-21HD

Just like the string trimmer, Milwaukee sticks with their “unmatched 2726-21HD-6power” claim, as this hedge trimmer will not only cut 3/4″ branches, but will also cut 30% faster than its cordless competitors. It comes equipped with 24″ blades, while its cordless competitors only have blade lengths of 18″-22″. These extra few inches will allow you to trim more material in a single pass, as you now have increased reach.

And as for the run time, with a 9.0 battery, this thing will last for two hours! (Its 20V/40V competitors last for half that time!).

M18 FUEL Brushless Blower

Milwaukee 2728-21HD
Milwaukee 2728-21HD

Milwaukee’s new blower has enough power to clear anything from leaves 2728-21HD-3to jobsite debris from 15 feet away.

It’s far quieter than gas blowers (approximately 30% less), and puts out 450 CFM’s (air volume) compared to its cordless competition at 350-400 CFM’s.

And, like the string trimmer and hedge trimmer, it also has the longest run time of all cordless blowers!

I’ve spoken with Milwaukee’s competition about this upcoming release and I’ve heard the same thing from everyone: “It took them long enough to finally come out with outdoor equipment!” But as you can see, thanks to the power and run time, Milwaukee has FINALLY found a way to give cordless outdoor power equipment the jump it needed to go from homeowner quality to professional quality.

Milwaukee has been famous for manufacturing tools that are “Nothing But Heavy Duty” (NBHD), and they’ve spent countless hours researching and working with landscapers to truly understand their needs for durability, ergonomics and performance. They didn’t just rush into this category to make a few sales and call it a day. They took their time, did their research and may have just changed the game.

Now, all we need is the lawn mower…

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      1. I have been using Milwaukee power tools for years. Extremely durable especially the m18 fuel hammer drills(m12 and m18 which I have both) I would really enjoy a big red lawn mower powerd by maybe a m40volt lithium ion battery if Milwaukee makes one in the future.

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