It’s a Tuesday morning. You’re arriving at your jobsite bright and early because you’re on a deadline to get a job completed and you’re behind schedule.

But they’re a problem: The rotary hammer that you need to drill 50 holes 2717-22_Ain concrete with is nowhere to be found. You’re told to walk around and look for it and an hour later, after going through mountains of tools, you finally find it laying on the floor next to a fellow worker who had to drill a quick hole and forgot to return it.

Time is money – especially on the jobsite. Searching for a tool or replacing a tool will always result in money lost. But Milwaukee has come up with a solution

The Milwaukee Tick is a small device that can attach to almost any item TICK(TM) Tool and Equipment Trackeron your jobsite, giving you the ability to track anything and survive everything! With unmatched accuracy of over 400 feet in open-air situations and the ability to run for over one year on a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery, Tick will keep tabs on your equipment virtually anywhere it goes by using Milwaukee’s One-Key app.

M18™ LED Utility Bucket Light

The Tick is extremely easy to set up. Simply pair it with the tool in your One-Key app.’s inventory and attach it to your tool using either epoxy, screws, rivets or zip ties.

It’s waterproof, dust-proof and impact-resistant, allowing it to survive the toughest jobsite conditions.

Whether attaching to a ladder, generator or tool, the Tick is the ONLY tracking device made to survive on a jobsite.

Milwaukee will begin shipping in February, and the Tick will be available as a 1 pack, 4 pack, 10 pack or 50 pack. The more you buy, the more you save.

Contractors estimate between 5-10% inventory shrinkage every year from lost or stolen equipment.

Sick of losing tools and having delays on your project timelines? The Milwaukee Tick may be just right for you!

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  1. Fully embodying the Milwaukee promise of Nothing but HEAVY DUTY, the TICK is ruggedly protected from the harshest environments giving professionals peace of mind that they ll receive updated locations of their tools and equipment, no matter what.

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