Alright, alright. It’s time to write a blog post about levels. How exciting, right? I mean, what’s more exciting than a level???

Here at, we like to deliver news on all the latest and greatest products of our industry. And yes, that includes levels. I’ll be completely honest…when I first saw that my next blog was about levels, I got bored already…But then I got to see and feel these levels and that’s when I became extremely excited to write about them.

REDSTICK LevelSo here’s the deal. Milwaukee announced the launch of their new line, Redstick. The intriguing thing about this is that in 2014, Milwaukee purchased Empire, one of the leading level distributors. At first, I figured they just took an Empire level, painted it red and threw it out to distribution! But that’s far from the case.

So what makes Redstick so exciting? Let’s break it down…

Strongest Magnet

Milwaukee’s Redstick levels are built with amplified rare-earth magnets, REDSTICK Levelwhich they claim to be the strongest magnets out there. These magnets have 2x’s stronger holding power than those of its competitors’. While testing these things out, I really had to pull to get the level off of a beam.

The most common way for a level to break is when it falls, and with a magnet this strong, you can now work with more confidence.

Durable Frame

REDSTICK LevelI know you hear that most levels are durable…and most levels are pretty durable. But the Redstick box levels are reinforced with an all-metal frame, making them the strongest, most durable in the industry.

Now, I’m sure you’ve guessed this all-metal frame might add some weight to the levels, and you’re correct. Though I think they’re still pretty light, if you have any doubts, Redstick also has a line of compact levels with the same specs, minus the metal frame.

Sharpsite Vial Technology

MLBXM16_22The Redsticks have “Sharpsite Vial Technology,” which is based on the vials on the levels. This technology means a few things.

First, the design of the vial has a continuous rounded design that gives the center bubble 2x’s larger magnification, which will allow you to see the bubble from any angle without distortion.

It also means that the bubble is enhanced, which provides better readability.

Lastly, the levels are made from high-impact acrylic, making them 10x’s stronger than those of its leading competitor’s. This makes the Redstick vials the most durable in the industry.

Guaranteed Accuracy

The last thing I want to touch on is probably one of the most important things: ALL Redstick levels come with a lifetime accuracy guarantee! What does this mean? Milwaukee will replace or repair any level that they determine to no longer be accurate.

REDSTICK LevelAnd there you have it. Milwaukee once again changes the game with yet another category, and I fully expect them to steal market shares with this release. If you need a level, why not buy one with the strongest magnet, most durable frame and a lifetime accuracy guarantee?

Redstick is now available in box levels, compact levels and torpedo levels.

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