Milwaukee has been focusing on releasing new, innovative, trade oriented Urinal Augertools for years now, and recently, they took the plunge (no pun intended) into the plumbing industry with the release of their (2571-20 / and 2571-21).

And now that they’ve mastered the unclogging of drains, Milwaukee announced the exciting release of their TRAPSNAKE: the first battery-powered, interchangeable tool optimized for unclogging toilets, urinals and floor traps.

It offers multiple auger attachments that can be used on a single power source, a telescoping cable lock, a fixed rubber boot for porcelain protection and replaceable cables. Many of these are the industry’s first.

It has the power and speed to work through tough clogs in tight traps, all while protecting the fixture from damage.

Thanks to its optimized electronics, the TRAPSNAKE delivers low RPM and 49-16-2574_Btorque so the user can feel when they’ve engaged with a blockage to aid in retrieving with control.

Calls for clogged toilets, urinals and floor traps are becoming more frequent, and now, Milwaukee has a tool that can navigate tight turns and break down clogs that are tougher than ever.

This tool is a lot easier to understand when seen in action, so here’s a sneak peek at the new TRAPSNAKE:

Set to release next month (March 2017), the TRAPSNAKE is available as a bare tool or kit with one battery.

Save time. Save money. Get your TRAPSNAKE today!

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