Throughout college, my beer of choice was Natty Light. Not because I enjoyed it, but because it was inexpensive. And in college, the struggle was real.

Once I graduated and entered the real world, I remember that time I went to a bar after work, ordered a Magic Hat #9 (a “real” beer) and took my first sip. I thought, “Now that’s what good beer is supposed to taste like!”

This is a tool blog. Obviously. So you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about beer, right?

Well, I have used many impact drivers in my line of work. But I finally found my Magic Hat in Hitachi’s new 18V Li-Ion Brushless Triple Hammer Impact Driver.

Hitachi recently announced the release of their new “Triple Hammer,” and it’s truly in a class of its own.Hitachi-WH18DBDL2-3_BLOG

So what makes this impact so unique? Just like those of its top competitors’, it’s brushless. But unlike its competitors’, this impact uses a triple-anvil system (triple hammer), which provides higher torque (1,832 in/lbs), less vibration, more BPM and a faster tightening speed (2,900 RPMs).


It’s also IP56 rated, which means it’s built to protect against dust and water. This is extremely important on the jobsite because if dust and water build up in a tool, it could mean the death of that tool…RIP.

With a four modes to choose from — soft mode, normal mode, power mode and self drilling screw mode — this impact is built to handle all types of jobs, from tightening your small diameter screws to long bolts.


We decided to test the speed of this tool against the Dewalt DCF895 20V MAX Brushless Impact Driver by driving 1/2″ X 5″ lags into pressure-treated wood. Here are the results?

Surprised? Test it for yourself.

Impact drivers are an important tool in your tool box. You need something durable, powerful, accurate and light weight. And Hitachi’s WH18DBDL2 18V Li-Ion Brushless Triple Hammer Impact Driver has it all.

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