Not long ago, Bosch announced their new GBA18V63 CORE18V Battery. GBA18V63_heroAnd it’s out!

This 6.3 Ah battery is the “best-built battery on the planet,” according to Bosch.

So where does the name come from?

Bosch states that this is the “core” of an end-to-end product system that offers superior performance than previous generations of Bosch batteries, with advanced lithium-ion technology delivering 80% more power. The 10 high-density battery cells ensure lower internal resistance, which means that higher currents can be drawn from the cells over a longer period of time.

“Bosch looks at battery power from the user perspective. What do users want? They want greater power and more runtime in a compact size, which is what CORE18V is all about. “CORE18V represents a big piece of the Bosch effort to build end-to-end product systems that offer superior performance, no matter what the job is. Based on increased power and runtime, plus backward compatibility across the full power tool lineup, we feel this is a step beyond battery power systems that are currently available.”

-Theron Sherrod, Product Manager, Robert Bosch Tool Corp.

Our Bosch rep. told us that this battery is part of the “running change” to transition older 18V batteries to this newer model. So newer kits with batteries will come with the CORE18V, rather than the older models, as they phase the older batteries out.

Some key points:

    • High-power cells – deliver up to 1,440 Watts of power, 80% more than previous-generation 6.0 Ah batteries
    • Enhanced cell design – provides up to 20% longer run-time than previous-gen 6.0 Ah batteries

      CoolPack Technology
      CoolPack Technology
    • Bosch-exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology – provides up to 35% more cooling effect than the first version of CoolPack and up to 135% more battery life than batteries without CoolPack
    • Lightest high-power battery – weighs only 1.8 Lbs., but provides performance comparable to batteries that are up to 35% larger
    • System compatibility – features backward and forward compatibility with all Bosch 18V tools and chargers
    • Fast recharge – charges to 80% in only 41 minutes and 100% in only 55 minutes using the optional Bosch BC1880 18V Fast Charger
    • Cold weather operation – works in cold weather conditions down to -4° F

These batteries are compatible with all of Bosch’s 18V lithium-ion tools and chargers.

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