Dewalt’s new Jobsite WiFi System was just announced in a live stream led by by Tony Nicolaidis, Dewalt’s VP of Connected Systems, and Procore, leaders in construction management software.

The WiFi “Tool Connect” is Dewalt’s three-part inventory management solution, to “connect, track and customize your tools across multiple jobsites.” With the mobile app, this new technology has been designed to increase connectivity and improve asset management on the jobsite. It’s also a “closed system,” for added security.

According to the brief press release we received, “data from the mobile app will automatically update into your Inventory Manager portal at the office or tool crib to give you real-time information.”

In 2018, Dewalt will be launching a Construction IoT platform that will integrate sensors to give real-time data and will be built into the core Dewalt cordless drills.

Dewalt said this technology has been designed to decrease rework and increase productivity.

Some highlights of the new Jobsite WiFi System:

      1. Constant Connection on Every Inch of the Jobsite.
      2. Jobsite WiFi. Built for Construction.
      3. Patented wireless-mesh technology.
      4. Easy Installation. Jobsite Tough. Adapts to the ever-changing jobsite.
      5. Decrease rework. Increase productivity.

Here are two items that have been announced and will be coming soon:

  1. Dewalt DCE041 Tool Connect Tag tracks anything on the jobsite, including equipment, storage, large tools and materials through the Tool Connect free mobile app. Attach the Tag to any jobsite asset, regardless of brand, make or model, using a variety of methods such as glue, screw or zip-tie. Each Tag features a blue LED identification light for easy and accurate pairing with the Tool Connect app. The Identify feature also causes the light to blink so you can easily find the Tag you are managing on your device. I think the Tag’s best feature is that you can set an “Out of Range Alert,” so that when your tool leaves the 100-foot range, you will be alerted.
  2. Dewalt DCE040 Tool Connect 20V MAX Connector permanently attaches onto the foot of the tool, and will provide updates regarding the whereabouts of tools, materials and equipment through the Inventory Manager portal. So your assets are tracked during the day and accountability can be placed on appropriate crew members.

Tool Connect batteries will be coming out soon as well!

Some benefits of Tool Connect:

  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT -Track tools, equipment and materials across multiple jobsites from one central location.
  • FIND & LOCATE – Instantly see who was last assigned to a connected asset and where it was last located.
  • CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS – Customize settings light light brightness, speed and alerts by using the mobile app.
  • MONITOR DIAGNOSTICS – Get real-time diagnostics, from battery status to operating temperature.
  • ENABLE & DISABLE – Disable tools or batteries when out of range to help deter theft.
  • OUT OF RANGE ALERTS – Set a “virtual fence” and get alerts when tracked tools, equipment or materials are removed.

Could this be Dewalt’s way to compete with Milwaukee’s One-Key and Tick Tracker?

Got questions? Send them to us, or check out Dewalt’s Tool Connect FAQ page.

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