February is already here…the month of the Super Bowl (have you heard about our Super Bowl LII Sweepstakes?) and Valentine’s Day.

This is also a big month for Milwaukee promotions! But don’t worry, we’ve put together of the top five February deals for you.

(You can see all of our current online promotions here: http://bit.ly/2GhDkpn)

5. M12 Kits with Two FREE items – 1 week only!   

This month, you’ll see select M12 kits with a free bare tool option.

For one week only (hint, hint…check the website on the last week of the month!), you’ll not only get a free bare tool, but also an open tool carrier.

There are a ton of kits that will qualify for this deal, such as the FUEL impact wrench, polisher, band saw and rotary hammer, to name a few.

And there are a ton of free bare tool options, such as a drill, vacuum, speaker and rotary tool.

Whichever bare tool you choose, it will be valued at least $59. And you’ll also receive a free tool carrier, valued at $29.99.


4. Stock Up on Sawzall Blades and Get Free Goods

Sawzall blades… No matter what profession you’re in, you’re probably using them. So it probably woudn’t be a bad idea to keep several spare recip. saw blades handy. Right?

This month, while supplies last, you can earn free items with the purchase of a pack of 25 or 50 blades.

You can get a free Yeti, duffle bag or iBeats by Dre Headphones, just by buying a pack of something you use on a regular basis!

So now is the time to stock up.


3. M12 Kits with Two Free Items – 1 week only!

This is very similar to deal #5. With select kits, you’ll get a free bare tool. For one week only (hint, hint…check the website on the second week of the month!), you’ll not only receive a free bare tool but also, a free hole saw kit – a $40 value.


2. Buy an M18 Rocket Tower Light for $199 and Receive $179 in Free Goods

One of Milwaukee’s most popular releases in the last few years was the launch of their M18 LED Rocket Tower Light. If you don’t own one yet, now is the time.

This month, if you purchase the light ($199), you’ll get a free battery/charger starter kit – a $149 value.

The first handful of customers that purchase one will also get a Fastback Camo Knife – a $30 value.

So act fast!


1. A One-Key Kit You Have to Have

Milwaukee launched One-Key some time ago and it has really taken off. For those that don’t know what One-Key is, it’s a line of tools that sync with your phone.

Their most popular kit is the 2796-22 Hammer Drill/Driver and Impact Driver combo kit, which regularly goes for $499. This comes with two batteries, charger and a standard hard case.

But for the month of February, Milwaukee launched a handful of promo kits that will include a free One-Key Sawzall – a $249 value. AND instead of being packed in a standard case, the tools will come packed in the extremely popular Rolling Packout Case – a $129 value!

Now if that’s not strong enough…you’ll also get a free battery while supplies last – a $169 value.

So for $499, you’re getting $547 in freebies thrown in.

That is one heck of a deal! Here’s where you can find it!

And there you have it…your top tool deals on the internet for the month of February.

Come back next month for our March edition!

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