We’ve written posts about rotary hammers in the past (see our Bosch and Milwaukee posts here).


But today we’re putting two to the test, in a battle between the Hitachi DH40MEY and the Hilti TE-60.


Which rotary hammer will drill through a 5″ concrete block faster?

MODELS: Hitachi DH40MEY (AC Brushless) & Hilti TE-60
MATERIAL:  concrete sidewalk block
BIT: SDS Max 9/16″ X 21″


Note: We know that nothing is ever perfect, but we did the best we could at keeping conditions as equal as possible. We used the same, 5″ thick concrete both for both tools, and we used to same SDS Max 9/16 X 21″ bit for both tools. We did our best to let the tools do the work (no pressure was applied to the tools).
We gave the Hilti a five-second head start…


The Hilti took 51 seconds to drill through the concrete block. But it took the Hitachi 19 seconds LESS, at a total of 32 seconds.


We have a Hitachi Blitz going on (thru March 31st, 2018), so if you’re looking to save on a new Hitachi rotary hammer, now would be the time to shop!

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