This morning, Hitachi Power Tools publicly announced that their name will change to Metabo HPT in North America.

The name change will be communicated clearly on signage and packaging on each and every product.

Product colors, model #’s and batteries will not change, however, according to the press release. And the name change will be communicated clearly, by using signage and packaging that features both logos.

The name transition will start in Sept. 2018 with the launch of a new tool (stay tuned for details!), and the majority of products will begin changing names in early 2019.

“Our message will be clear: only our name will change. Our award-winning durability, performance and innovation will remain.”

– Joe Leffler, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, General Management & Board Member, Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Power Tools products will be interchangeable with Metabo HPT products, and vice versa.

Metabo and Metabo HPT are separate brands of Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., and are not interchangeable, per the press release.

Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. is scheduled to change the name to Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. in June 2018.

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