To kick off my spring cleaning, I like to get organized. And what better place to start than your tool shop or garage?

There are three modular systems I’d like to briefly highlight, and then I want to talk about a something a bit different.

Staying organized can be a pain. But there’s a plus side: When you’re organized, everything has a place, so you know where things are. And when you know where to find things, you spend less time looking and more time getting the job done.



Festool was the first to come out with a modular tool organization system, and it’s been around for years.

The Systainers come in a variety of sizes, so you’re bound to find one (or many!) that fits your needs.

You can get individual containers, and stack them up however you’d like, or you can get a Systainer Storage Container, or a “Sys-Port,” to make your tool boxes into a rolling tool cabinet.

If you go with the build-your-own stack route, Festool has a hand truck designed especially for transporting your Systainers.

Bosch l-boxx

I like to use the Bosch L-Boxx system for more organized and categorized storage…especially for smaller items, like fasteners.

There are also some tool inlays that you can get, so the tools have a perfect spot to fit into.

They’re similar to the others: They’re modular and stack and lock together, and there’s a heavy-duty rolling dolly to help with transportation as well.


And last, but definitely not least…

PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

Milwaukee’s Packout Modular System is relatively new and is known to be extremely durable and versatile. The system was designed to provide users with the ability to interchange and interlock a wide variety of heavy-duty tool boxes, organizers and storage totes in multiple different configurations.

The tires on the rolling tool box are perfect for rolling over the tough terrain on jobsites.


Alright, now it’s time for something a little different. In early March we did a Q&A with Jeff Himstedt, one of the woodworkers in our Instagram community.

Something I love seeing on Instagram is the all of the ways the guys I follow do to organize their shops. So I wanted to point out a few DIY organization ideas that I love.


Shane Davis (@thedesertmooseworkshop) built this miter saw station for his Dewalt miter saw.

Courtesy @thedesertmooseworkshop
Courtesy @thedesertmooseworkshop

We’re a business, so I do have to put a little plug in here…we sell miter saw stands like this one!

But, we don’t sell any like the one Shane made.

It’s on wheels so he can move it around, and I really love the storage underneath (kind of like the storage systems I spoke about earlier).

And a little detail I love is the place to wrap the cord.


Courtesy @grwoodwork

Gabriel Romo (@grwoodwork) made this workbench that has compartments for tools, and extra space for larger tools and materials underneath.

In the future, he’ll be putting in rails and a stop block, along with an adhesive tape measure on the fences.

I’m excited to see what it will look like!


Tim Mills (@lakesregionwoodworking) found an easy way to store accessories by using PVC pipes. Genius.

Courtesy @lakesregionwoodworking

Here’s what he said in the post:

“There is nothing that drives me crazy more than trying to find the right size drill but when you need it.”

-Tim Mills



Shane, Gabe and Tim, thanks for letting us show off some of your work!

Be sure to check back next week to see our top 3 tools to make spring cleaning easy!

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