Month of Moms: Q&A with Brittany Hyde

Brittany Hyde lives in Syracuse, UT.

Last week we spoke with Andrea Kalmbach, a journeyman plumber. And this week, I’d like to introduce you to Brittany Hyde.

She can be found on Instagram (@overallsandpowersaws), and started her business, Overalls and Power Saws, in Syracuse, Utah last year.

“I’m still fairly new at this and don’t really consider myself a full blown ‘business’ yet,” Hyde said.

1. Tell us a bit about what you do with tools, and how you got started.

I consider myself a woodworker and/or craftswoman. I build anything from home decor to furniture. I love trying new things and designs and testing my skills – which I feel like happens with each build! I also sew and crochet.
Growing up, my dad did woodworking as a hobby and I loved helping him! Then as I got older and got married, life moved me all around the states. I did a lot of sewing and crochet during those years because it’s a lot easier to move around a sewing machine and a yarn stash.
It wasn’t until about three years ago when we settled back in Utah that I really found a love of woodworking.

When we moved into the house we are currently in, we decided we really needed a new dining room table, but didn’t really have the money to buy one. Seeing that it would be about 80% cheaper to build one, I went to my dad for help and together we did my very first project: a nine-foot farmhouse table with matching bench. After that I was hooked.

Brittany’s first project was a nine-foot farmhouse-style dining room table.

It was pretty easy for me to pick it up since my dad had all the tools I needed and was eager to pass along his woodworking knowledge to one of his daughters.
Just this past July, I decided to start a little shop of my own in my garage. My dad only lives 15 minutes away but it wasn’t always convenient trying to find the time to get over there and handing my kids off to my mom to watch while I worked.
My shop’s grown a bit since July, and now the only thing I go back to my dad’s to use is a table saw. I just don’t have the room to buy my own yet.


2. What’s your favorite piece/project you created, and what’s the story behind it?

I feel like this is such a loaded question! I love everything I build. It’s really hard to narrow it down. I’ll give you a couple…

This laundry dresser is the first project Brittany built by herself from start to finish.

One is my bright green laundry dresser. It’s the first thing I built [from] start to finish completely by myself. It’s a Shanty 2 Chic plan, but I modified it to fit my space and the laundry baskets I wanted to use.

It is so insanely flawed, but I look at it every day and am constantly reminded of how far I’ve come and what I can accomplish when I put my mind to something.

Brittany built this miter saw bench from the basic design of a bench that her dad built. It serves as the centerpiece of her shop.

My other favorite has got to be my miter saw bench. My miter saw was the first tool purchase I made when I decided to start my own shop, so of course I built it its own bench!

I took the basic design of the one my dad built, and then made a bunch of changes to make it my own. It serves as my only workbench and it’s the centerpiece to my shop. I love it.


3. What tools could you not live without, and why? (I don’t need brands, just the kind…sander, grinder, drill, etc.)

There are three tools I use on almost every project, and I truly believe I could get just about anything done with these three: miter saw, brad nailer and [random] orbit sander.

“Just about anything” might be a bit of a stretch, but I definitely could not live without them!


4. Are your kid(s) and family involved at all in what you do, and if so, why and how?

Brittany’s oldest daughter, Lynlee, is six-years-old.

When it’s warm, yes my kids are always outside with me and I love putting them to work!

My oldest is six and she’s starting to learn pretty basic things like using a drill or a hammer.
My littler ones like to sand and stack scraps. However, when it’s cold, which for us is basically October to May, I rely a lot on nap time!

This is four-year-old Allyson.

My two youngest have synced up nap times so I’m able to put them down at the same time in the afternoon and almost always get a solid two hours in the shop.

Two hours a day is not a ton, but I will take whatever I can get. And my clients know that when I’m finished, I’m finished. I usually give a general estimate, but I don’t make guaranteed deadlines because at this stage in life, my young family is my priority.


5. What can we expect to see from you in the future, or what have you been dreaming of doing, project-wise?

I am all over the map with projects right now…nightstands, a walnut watch box and a farmhouse-style table are all on the agenda right now, and I am always squeezing little home decor projects in here and there.

You can find Brittany on Instagram. Her handle is @overallsandpowersaws

I’m always looking to change things up and create something new and then post step by step plans for it on my blog.
The reason I was able to get into woodworking is because of women like the Shanty sisters and Ana White. With their plans I felt like I was able to create anything, and I want to do the same thing for the next generation of woodworkers!
Be sure to follow Brittany on Instagram to keep up with her projects, and check back next week to meet another awesome mom!

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