Our 10 Top Items for Hurricane Season Readiness

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Be Prepared.

With great concern, we are keeping an eye on our friends along the east coast. We at International Tool, headquartered in Davie on the east coast of Florida, try to do all we can to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” during hurricane season.  As our thoughts are with our friends in areas under hurricane warnings, we want to remind everyone of the top items to have on hand during hurricane season.

  1. Generators
    A Generac 5940 is our generator of choice. It’s a powerful generator with large-capacity steel tank for extended run times.  The handle and wheel kit helps you place the generator right where you need it.  A generator on hand will ensure you do not lose refrigerated items or go without lighting and cooling systems while waiting for conditions to improve. We have other portable generators with different wattage, and generators specific for RVs, tailgating, and more. Check out our entire offering here.


  1. Battery Operated Lights
    Consider whether you will need a compact light for small spaces or a large tower light to illuminate a large area. We have all types of battery-operated lights to meet your needs.  When dealing with emergencies, you never know when or for how long you will lose power.  Choose one of lights with long-lasting batteries to ensure you have light for as long as possible.  Sort through our entire catalog of lights here.


  1. Bluetooth, Cordless, Radio Charger
    A cordless radio is the number one communication device during an emergency.


  1. Raincoats
    Whether you are a victim or a volunteer during an emergency, everyone needs a thick raincoat to protect him or her during the worst elements – available in different sizes here.


  1. Coolers
    If you are unable to invest in a generator, just having a cooler on hand can make a big difference for keeping key items chilled during your time without power or while you are traveling to a safer location.


  1. Cordless Inflator
    While traveling or preparing for extreme elements, a cordless inflator will ensure that you are prepared for inflating flat tires or safety rafts. Don’t risk being stuck without this invaluable tool.


  1. Shovels
    Nothing beats the basic tools. Be prepared for storm preparation and cleanup with a solid, long-handled shovel that simplifies whatever task lies ahead.


  1. Chainsaws
    We offer the most powerful, long-lasting chainsaws. Our models are built to last beyond hurricane season no matter what your clean-up project looks like.


  1. Blowers
    When it comes to the details, there’s nothing more satisfying that a powerful, precise blower. Check out our tops sellers to have on hand during a cleanup. Battery-operated and built-to-last, these models will serve you long after hurricane season.


  1. Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Gloves
    Maybe you’re a first responder or part of a volunteer team to aid in clean up. Maybe you are working on cleaning your own home and landscaping.  The dangers that involve working with chainsaws and blowers require the proper safety equipment. There’s no reason to take unnecessary risks and work without the proper safety supplies.


You can find all of these items and additional models in each category on our web page dedicated specifically to hurricane readiness. We’ve love to hear your stories of how a great tool helped you out during hurricane season!  Your story just might be featured here.

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