Best Milwaukee Packout Kit Sale: What It Is and Why You Need It

Milwaukee Packout Kit on sale on international Tool for only $199
We can all think of a time that organizing something made us feel good. Whether it was rearranging your whole house or only making your bed in the morning, it always feels nice to turn chaos into order. It feels great, but it’s also vital in our place of work. Being organized makes us more productive and more confident about our day, especially for those of us in professions that require an army of tools to follow us everywhere we go. A messy, disorderly, and scatterbrained toolbox does not positively affect productivity or mental health. We get frustrated if we can’t find something and waste time looking for it, only to finally find it under a pile of odd pieces of equipment we’ve forgotten about. To solve this, some of you may have designed and built your own toolbox system, but for most, this requires time that we simply don’t have. So, we head to the store to see what they have. We see a variety of modular toolbox systems from popular brands, usually fashioning names that boast how strong and tough they are. So which modular toolbox system do you buy? There are several solid options, but one is so far out in a class of its own that it deserved its own blog post. This is, of course, the Milwaukee Packout system. This Milwaukee toolbox system runs a little higher on the price scale than its competitors. Still, it provides a level of protection, organization, and customization unavailable through any other product, allowing you to take the chaos that is your current toolbox and turn it into an orderly and efficient system.  Let’s take a more in-depth look.
The Milwaukee Packout system includes a variety of toolboxes, organizers, and totes that can be easily stacked and connected by a unique locking system that uses integrated locking cleats. The foundational product is the Packout Rolling Tool Box (48-22-8426). This is the largest box you can buy in this system, and from it, you can then start to build your collection, adding the Large Tool Box (48-22-8425) or regular tool case (48-22-8450). International Tool has combined all three of these into a kit for a limited time at a discounted price. We will talk more about that later, or you can go ahead to the deal on our site here. Many other Packout products such as the mounting plate and dolly can be added, but for the specific purposes of this post we will be focusing on the products offered in the kit on International tool.
Toolboxes are different from ordinary storage boxes because they are expected to not only keep your things organized but also to withstand harsh jobsite conditions while keeping your tools and equipment safe. Circumstances don’t have to even be that harsh to cause irreparable damage to your things. Most times, the most significant risk factors to your toolbox are simply rain, dust, and impact. Unless your typical job site conditions include tornados, tsunamis, or other genuinely harsh conditions, addressing rain, dust, and impact should suffice to deliver superior durability and protection for your tools. This is precisely what Milwaukee did, and exceptionally well, I may add. Metal reinforced corners and rubber wheels are thoughtful additions, but the strength of these products all begin with the impact-resistant polymers. Impact resistance in plastic comes down to how much filler material is used. The filler is material often added to polymers to cut costs and is, in most cases, inversely related to the impact resistance of a product. Now, I don’t know the formula Milwaukee uses, but given the fact that the impressive durability and impact resistance of these products have been confirmed through various demonstrations, I think it can be reasonably inferred that at least part of the higher cost you pay for this system is a result of polymers that use less filler. Just like an adequate diet, an effective toolbox comes down to ingredients. The more you cut the good with bad, the more likely you are to end up disappointed. So, don’t be discouraged by the higher price because you are genuinely getting superior durability out of these products. As for rain and dust, these Milwaukee toolboxes are IP-65 rated. The IP ratings are basically ratings given to enclosures that describe how well they don’t let other things into them. IP-65 guarantees against dust and water that is projected from a nozzle. For most people, this is going to be plenty to protect their tools and equipment.
Organization and Customization:
Now that we know this system is tough, we can now asses how practical it is. With a modular toolbox system, we want something that can be molded to fit our specific needs. The Packout system is designed to be extremely customizable, allowing you to organize your things in a way that benefits your work the most. This is thanks to the ability to stack and arrange your boxes, totes, and organizers (with exception to the rolling box) in any order you like, placing your frequently used equipment in more accessible spots. The dolly and mounting plate give you further control over how you want your system to operate. Foam inserts allow you to add an extra level of organization to your boxes. Not only do they provide support to keep your things from moving around, but you can also manipulate them to provide creative placement for your items. Packout allows you to build a system that works for you, and I think it can be confidently said that Milwaukee is not going to stop adding products to this line anytime soon.
Usually, I would recommend buying the organizer or tool case to start to see if it’s something you could get on board with, but International Tool has combined the rolling box, large toolbox, and tool case into one kit for only $199. Buying these products separately would run you close to $300. Additionally, for a limited time, there is a coupon that would bring this price down to $179. So, the bottom line is this: The Packout system is single-handedly the best modular toolbox system available, and at $179 for the kit on International Tool, it’s is well worth it. Click here for more information about this offer on our site.

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